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Wall Street - "Small Cap" Bundle

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Wall Street - "Mid Cap" Bundle

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Valuation - Trading Comparables

Packed with valuation case studies on FACEBOOK, ALPHABET (Google) & VODAFONE. To master trading comps like a Wall Street analyst --> ENROL NOW.

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Valuation- Transaction Comparables

Welcome to the world of M&A deals. Includes case studies on TELEFONICA’S acquisition of O2, KRAFTS’ hostile bid for CADBURY & MICROSOFT’S acquisition of LINKEDIN.

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Valuation - Discounted Cash Flow

This is where you master DCF, a rigorous & robust valuation methodology. To help you, we have a very detailed & comprehensive case study on HEINEKEN. Do you like it chilled ?

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Integrated Financial Modeling - IT Services

Build a fully integrated financial model for INFOSYS from scratch, exactly the way it's done on Wall Street. Ready to be a "star"?

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Introduction to Accounting

Complete guide for beginners. Packed with 44 HD videos & 5 high impact exercises. SIGN UP --> to understand, analyse & interpret financial statements like a pro!

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Advanced Accounting

SIGN UP to take your Accounting skills to the next level. PACKED WITH --> 45 HD videos, 16 practical exercises with step by step instructions.